Stumbling Towards Sanity.

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Salutations, my dear Reader! 

Clearly out of boredom from clicking on a 1,000 different Wikipedia links, drunken YouTubing, or 2am Facebook perusing, you have somehow managed to stumble onto my Blog thing. Welcome to the miasma of bad puns and liberal bias that is The Accidental Narcissist.

I suppose you probably want to know something about me, being that I created a blog all about myself and all. My name is Shannon. To earn those all-important dollah-dollah bills, I am currently a Substitute ELA teacher in NYC. I’m very happily married, have 2 cats named Mazel & Tov because I roll like a dork, I’m a flaming liberal who grew up in Vermont, and I’m an Irish Jew (yes, that is a thing).

So why the hell does a 36-year-old, incredibly short nobody from Riverdale have a blog? Well, turns out I’m also a writer by nature (though not by profession, obviously, or I wouldn’t have had to go and create my own blog), and Facebook is a tough sell for the lengthy musings I enjoy penning/discussing about my life as an educator, Reform Jew-By-Choice], New-ish Yorker, infertility victim, and Rubenesque gal.

I really love having debates/dialogues with folks about my thoughts (I really do have a face for radio, it would seem. I was so meant to be on AM), but if people start shitting all over the comments section like Donald Trump after a Martini bender, I will shut that business DOWN.

So come on down, the price is FREE, the water’s not Kool Aid, and I aim to chat. Let’s get this party started!

Just another day.