America, we may need some time apart.

Dear America,

I would like to ask for an emotional trial separation from you until after this insane election. You have not been acting like yourself at all lately. It’s almost like you became a completely different person overnight. I went to sleep thinking I was in a country that stood for freedom: freedom from hate, from sexual assault, of religion, of sexual orientation, etc. I thought that’s what you wanted too.
Instead I wake up to a country where half the population seems to be in support of a bloated, orange racist, sexist, homophobic demagogue who wants to ruin you. Is that what you really want America? I mean, I saw the flirting, the fun sound bites, the entertaining press conferences. And I saw tot gathering at the rallies, I figured it was just curiosity and entertainment. I knew you had thought about it fleetingly, but what we have is so good together that I never imagined you’d actually hook up with such a disgusting person and then proudly stand behind that choice when it was so clear it was a terrible one that would hurt both of us so much.
The truth is, I can’t hold you back from what you really want, sweet country. If your dream is to live like it’s the 1950’s all over again, which was awful for everyone but white men, then you follow your dreams. I can’t stop you, but that’s not what we agreed on when we got together.
When the votes come in in Tuesday, we’ll talk about a reconciliation. For now though? Don’t even look me in the eye and tell me you love me when you’re willing to leave me, and so many others for such a horrifying alternative. If you choose it, you will never be the same. And neither will we.

No love,
A Sane, and Terrified Voter.

#DearAmerica #Election2016 #DumpTrump #GetYourVoteOn


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