Small Johnson: Getting Your Vote Right.

To those who claim Johnson is “still better than Trump”, and “Not HIllary”? A festering pile of turds rotting in the woods is better than Trump, so that’s a lame comparison. Secondly, I’m also not a big fan of HRC, but her level of political corruption is pretty par for the course for most longtime pols.
I think people hate her more because of an underlying/latent misogyny; the level of vitriol leveled at her for stuff that plenty of male politicians are just as guilty of is borderline insane.

In an election where the choices THIS stark? I would take a semi-corrupt, cold-eyed, ambitious, typical politician who is at least highly intelligent, very qualified, and extremely pragmatic over a temperamental, toddler-esque, narcissistic, unstable, tax-dodging, lying-ALL-THE-TIME, oft-failed businessman, bragger of sexually assaulting women, flaming garbage pile douchebag who has literally ZERO political experience ANY day of the week.

Johnson is better than Trump only by being less of a terrible human being than Trump is, which is a false equivalency. He’s still an absolute imbecile with the foreign policy experience of a fruit bat, a huge corporate stooge, and whose solution to Climate Change is to figure out how to “inhabit other planets” before the sun engulfs the Earth (Which to be fair, will eventually happen millions of yeas from now, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Global Warming). His understanding of what the job he is running for entails is a waste of breath. He also has about as much of a chance of becoming President as Vanilla Ice does.

How anyone can consider throwing their vote away by either not voting at all or voting for this sheep’s brain instead of voting for someone who is at least stable, smart, and qualified, even if for no other reason than to help prevent a Dictator-wannabe/ Racist Orange Cheeto (who has never truly been held accountable for ANY of his immoral/unethical/illegal actions, and simply denies anything he is accused of) from getting into power is beyond my comprehension. It is a stupid, childish move for anyone who does it. If enough people go that route, “President Trump” is EXACTLY what’s going to happen, and you the Protest/Non-Voter will have brought it upon everyone else, not just yourselves. We will all pay for your apathetic stupidity. In large enough groups, the Stein/Johnson voters and the Non-Voters have the power to either help shift the election for the greater good, or burn the country to the ground by using their vote as a temper tantrum/protest because they would rather make a choice that has no actual meaning than try to actually help save the country.

Look, I get it about Hillary. In truth, if I’d had my druthers, it would have been Bernie Sanders, all the way. And yes, there is no question that HRC absolutely screwed him over to get the nomination. But she’s the ultimate politician, that’s how politics is often played. It’s a dirty, brutal game, and only the strong survive. (Not unlike Risk, or Game of Thrones, but with less interesting dialogue and and a lot more dicks.)

But to those still complaining about “those damn emails” (Props, Bernie!), claiming that THOSE are the fulcrum that pushes their vote towards Johnson/Stein, or *shudders*, The Walking Spray-Tanned YouTube Comments Section, let me point out:
-At least HRC didn’t cheerful brag about sexually assaulting people and threaten to deport a third of the population.
-She isn’t [allegedly] indebted to the Russian mob, and she didn’t commit an act of treason by encouraging Russia to hack us.
-She also hasn’t constantly complained about voter fraud and then turned around and encouraged exactly that in her favor.
-She hasn’t encouraged mob violence.
…She knows what Aleppo is.

Considering how insanely long the list of Trump atrocities are, I could certainly go on. My point is that while Hillary isn’t ideal, and yes, she definitely isn’t squeaky clean in the ethics department, comparing her sins against Donald Trump’s is like comparing someone who once or twice elbowed another person in a crowd out of their way in an equal light to someone who repeatedly shoves people into the road or off a cliff, gets videotaped doing it, and then repeatedly denies they have ever done it. She’s an adult, and she’ll get the job done. I don’t think can say that about any of the other candidates.

Grow up and get your vote America, or be prepared for one hell of an Election hangover, one that will never, ever end.

#Election2016 #DumpTrump #NotJohnson #NotStein #GrowUpAmerica#GetYourVoteOn


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